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The Technology

We have the latest European high speed UV inkjet press equipment.

Aussie Signs now offers an incredible range of printing for posters and related products including:

- Indoor and outdoor signage
- Paper and SAV billboards
- Bus shelter posters
- Vehicle wraps and fleet marking
- Pop-up displays and exhibition even signage
- Metrolites and backlit displays


The Scitex XP5500 - We have 2 of them!
2 new high speed wide-fomat presses.
We now have 2 more 5m printers giving 600m2 per hour print output on top of our existing 600m2 per hour output. Get your next campaign printed ahead of time.


Durst Rho 900.
High speed automated printing system.
Highest quality print available today from a UV digital printer, plus Aussie Signs offers the lowest price guaranteed.


Kongsberg i-XL automated finishing system.
Unmatched performance, versatility and durability.
Amazing automatic contour cutting, milling, routing, drilling and engraving.


The incredible HP Scitex FB6100.
1270 dpi printing on rigid and flexible substrate.
The opportunities are astounding with this incredible new machine.High quality graphics with 8 colour output, including white ink for transparent and the latest coloured media. Fast and innovative, this latest technology will produce prints your clients will want more of.


All new HP Scitex XP2700.
Full colour large format printing - any size, any surface.
Quality, quantity and sizes that you won’t believe, introducing our 2 brand new hi-tech printers, the HP Scitex XP2700. Printing small and large runs are a breeze, colours are intense and vibrant.Print any size from its ROLL-TO-ROLL and RIGID SUBSTRATE printing system, all in 8 colours up to 800dpi.


HP Scitex TJ8500
Full colour large format poster printing.
Quality, quantity and sizes that you won’t believe, introducing our brand new hi-tech printer, the HP Scitex TJ8500. Printing small and large runs are a breeze, colours are intense and vibrant and you save money from a printer that loads, prints and cuts all in one swift action. Up to 400sqm per hour from Metrolite to a huge 1650x3700, all in 6 colours up to 600dpi.


Nur 5m Expedio we have three of them!
High-Throughput Wide-Format UV Production Presses.
These wide format digital printing units are capable of blueboard-quality prints with crisp text at speeds of up to 150 square meters per hour. It can print photo-realistic 8-color images at speeds of up to 80 square meters per hour. These impressive productivity levels are made possible by the press' unique design and build quality, which incorporate NUR Macroprinters' experience with both UV-curable ink technology and robust, accurate material handling systems.

Environmentally friendly - a green machine
NUR Expedio UV-Curable inks contain no volatile organic compounds. No harmful emissions and none of the penalties or solvent disposal devises that are required in some areas.

Quality and flexibility to handle any application
NUR Expedio’s 4 and 8 colour printing modes and resolution up to 720dpi, mean you can use the machine to print billboards and other outdoor applications, as well as high quality indoor signage, point-of-purchase materials and displays. And fast, easy switching between 4 and 8 colour printing modes provides maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness. With NUR Expedio you can print, assemble, finish and deliver anything from the highest quality job to the very largest job - and everything in between - in record time.



Durst Rho 900


Scitex Aussie Signs

Scitex Aussie Signs

Aussie Signs Nur Printer

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