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Print Specifications :
DOWNLOAD Aussie Signs print specifications PDF.
DOWNLOAD Aussie Signs Contour Cutting and White Printing PDF.

Common Real Estate Sign Board Templates:
Click on the following boards sizes to download zipped Illustrator 8 and Indesign CS4, and CS3 compatible .INX templates displaying bleed (BLACK) and layout (CYAN) areas.

  3x4    4x6    6x4    8x4    12x8  
  4x3    4x8    6x8    8x6    18x8  

(Macintosh or compatible format)
QuarkXpress 8, Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5, Indesign CS5, Acrobat Distilled CMYK PDF (contact us for Distiller Settings).

CD, DVD, FTP, E-mail, Yousendit etc.

Colour Management:
Please supply files as CMYK (not RGB).
Please set all solid black to C 20%, M 20%, Y 20%, K 100%.
If a specific colour is required, a Pantone colour or colour sample must be supplied. Pantone colours will be matched to the closest CMYK equivalent. Exact colour matches may not always be possible.
Please supply colour proof for reference.

File Size:
Limit file sizes to 100MB, time involved in setup and printer rip of files over this limit may incur additional charges.


All screen and printer fonts must be supplied.
Alternatively all fonts to be converted to outlines.
Avoid the use of True Type Fonts.

Linked Files:
Please supply all linked and embedded files.
Images that are embedded in a file cannot be colour corrected.
Supply layered working PSD files when possible.

Set up document with correct proportions.
Posters / Small Format (under 2sqm) set up at 1:1 scale and scan CMYK at 100 DPI. Large Format (over 2sqm) set up at 1:10 scale and scan CMYK at 300DPI.
Allow 100mm bleed beyond final size when possible.
Please disable overprint unless required for a special purpose.
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